Croydon School of Art | Fashion Show 2013

Here is the FULL gallery of images which are far better quality than those on Facebook (there are also some re-edits for the observant amongst you). Firstly please don’t download these images from WordPress, but please feel free to share the link to this gallery on Facebook/twitter for ease of sharing.

To buy the small resolution images with the branding on it’s just £2 per image.

I’m sure you’d prefer the full resolution images. These are usually £10 per image, however I am offering a student discount so just buy one image and you get the other images of that outfit for FREE that’s between 1 to 3 EXTRA images! Simply message me on facebook or use the contact form below the pictures.

If you want to buy your whole set then please get in touch and I’ll do you a discount and email you a pay pal invoice to make the transaction smooth and simple.

Most importantly be proud of your accomplishments. These outfits are awesome!

A final apology for the few outfits which only 1 image, but due to the logistics of being the only photographer there I had to change memory card and missed a few shots.



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